Nano Computational Modelling

This session gives us clear view of  Nano Computational Modelling, the Modelling and Simulation have played a crucial, supportive and many times even a critical role in the many advances seen in Nanotechnology . New theoretical ideas gave birth to new modelling approaches as well as advent of powerful computational capabilities permitted larger and more complex problems like multiscale modelling .Multiscale Modelling and Simulation provides investigative tools to support nanotechnology by developing new conceptual and modelling frameworks. To make them more effective they should be able to solve larger problems more accurately and efficiently. This is the key that can transform research by identifying promising ideas and convert them in to real technologies, bring about meaningful technology development thereby creating better designs and utilitarian products.

· Need to develop a long-term dialogue between different disciplines nanoscience and engineering.

·To realize the transformative potential of nanotechnology, educators need to efficient programs.

· Need to train a new generation with expertise in advanced new generation computing technology.

·Need for testing and validating databases as well as disseminating new research methods and software

· Need for workforce development and in-service training with efficient, affordable.

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